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NEW Baby Lock Solaris Upgrade 2

FREE Installation @ Gloria Horn Sewing Studio
Details about the exciting NEW Upgrade 2 for the Baby Lock Solaris:

 - Extra Design Fill-Stitches for IQ Designer - Total of 42 Decorative Fill Stitches
 - New quilt sashing/border patterns
 - Shorter (regular sized) buttonholes for embroidery
 - 50 NEW Embroidery Patterns
 - The Auto Stipple Feature now includes more decorative fills from IQ Designer.
 - NEW Feature - Ability to change the sewing order of patterns on your screen for embroidery
 - NEW Feature - Placement Sticker System works with the camera in sewing mode for perfect planned decorative stitches
 - NEW Feature - Wireless compatibility with your smart device allowing easy transfer of images to the machine to convert to embroidery
 - NEW Feature - Background image and outline extraction feature